Reach millions of potential customers with Facebook Ads

With modern marketing tools, brands can directly reach demographics that exactly match a target audience. It’s easier than you might think to set up and launch a campaign that promotes your brand. This blog explores some starting points and helps understand how, if you get your targeting right and your ad is cool and inspiring, you could start your first campaigns that grow your brand right now.

Facebook have 2 billion+ active monthly users. The audience is so diverse that even if your brand is super niche and only a fraction of this number would love what you’re doing, that still represents a massive body of potential paying customers – if you can reach them. Nowadays, every marketer has access to ad services that run on huge stacks of customer data that enable you to laser-target consumers and serve them with hyper-relevant ads.

Rather than pay to target everyone, you can reach only those in your target audience. That’s why Facebook ads has the potential to make marketing more cost-effective.

For all but a few brands, there are more people who have never heard of you than those that have. So the growth potential is in finding new customers. If you’ve not tried it before, you can reach new customers in your target demographic with Facebook’s advertising tools. First, make sure your store is looking great with awesome designs and product descriptions – we have a few tips on this in our pre-ad checklist which will help you improve your chances of getting a return on your campaign. If you’ve done that, here’s our walkthrough to get started.

Getting started

Log in to your Facebook. You should have a page for your brand built already with your logo uploaded and some likes and shares and reviews going. On the drop-down where you do your settings, click adverts. You’ll need to set up your ads manager account and add billing details so you can fund your campaign.

Enable Pixel

The Facebook pixel app on Teemill links your store to your Facebook advertising account. This means the two can communicate, and you can track your advertising performance and results on your store from within you advertising interface. Navigate to apps and the Facebook pixel app, then enable it by entering your Facebook advertising manager details.

Campaign setup

Once your ads manager is enabled, click new campaign. Ads are broken down into a hierarchy of campaign, ad sets and then ads. This allows the pros to run multiple groups and ads at the same time, to compare variations and optimise what works. For now, just click new campaign and we’ll be making one ad in an ad group.

Objective is conversions

When you create a new campaign you have to set an objective. The interface might default to some metric like reach, views or likes. We strongly advise you scroll through and choose conversions. Conversions are sales, and we think you’d much rather prioritise sales over say, store views – unless you are only using Teemill for publicity.

Set demographics

Within your new campaign, you now build an ad set. This is where you set your demographic targeting. Because ads work better when they are more specific, it’s worth using ad sets tactically and making different ad sets for different demographics. For example, even if you offer products for both men and women, you are more likely to have success if you serve a men’s ad to men, and a women’s ad to women. To do this you would make 2 separate ad sets within your campaign, and set a different gender targeting attribute on each one.

The ad set will ask you to set your demographic targeting. Aim to be as specific as possible. Age, location, interest, connections – think of every attribute your target audience can be defined by.

Building your ads

Your ad sits in an ad set. Ads can be really simple, just a single image and text. We recommend starting with your best banner image and some text, and trying a carousel ad – with your bestsellers – as a variation. It helps to include the price in the ad so that customers who are not interested in the price you have chosen do not click and spend your budget.

  • Eye contact works in advertising, so a lovely picture looking straight down the lens – or create a shopping feel with your best designs in a carousel.
  • If you’ve worked really hard on your product descriptions or the text that introduces your store, recycle that text with a copy and paste. You don’t need to sell, just describe.

Learn more about building great ads

Set budget, monitor carefully

Once your ad is ready to launch, set a strict budget and monitor carefully. You can adjust the columns that show your campaign effectiveness to suit what your desired outcome is. Generally, it takes time for ads to settle in and start making money. Give your ads a chance to work and monitor them carefully, after a week or two make sure your campaigns are getting the results you would like.

Now you’re targeting new customers that you have never reached before, it’s a case of using what you learn from each campaign to improve the effectiveness, targeting and return of your ads towards your goal of sustainable long-term growth.

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