Jimmi from Rhetorik and startups while at Uni

Introducing Rhetorik Clothing. Their brand emerged when a group of students from Cardiff, who share a passion for underground music and festival culture, wanted to start selling stylish clothes with a more sustainable story. We recently caught up with Jimmi, founder of Rhetorik Clothing. He shared some valuable insight into how he’s grown his brand and the secrets behind building a strong social media following.

Jimmi, we love the brand, what motivated you to start it?

I was with a friend shopping on the high street and I noticed how overpriced the clothing was. I was really concerned that I couldn’t find where the clothing had been made and who made it. I thought, surely we can do better and offer standout designs with a more sustainable story.

That’s amazing! What would you say was the hardest thing when you started?

Gathering a following and making sales is incredibly difficult, but rewarding when you get it right. The challenge is that there are many clothing brands out there already.

We overcame this by using social media to grow our following and made sure we had something different to offer.

It is our standout style and sustainability ethos that gets attention. It is great to have the Teemill supply chain and product quality underpinning our brand values.

If you believe in your product, and you find your audience, you will prevail. Keep going.

It’s really important not to underestimate your marketing efforts. If things are slow at the start, don’t be put off.

Some really great advice Jimmi. What’s the most enjoyable part of the process?

Creating something people like, and enjoy to wear, is highly satisfying.

Rhetorik model

What would you recommend to brands just starting out?

In the design stage, be patient, don’t worry and rush artwork onto your store. It is better to have one amazing design than five average ones.

That’s a really useful tip. What are the top 3 things that have got you the most sales?

  1. Utilise your friend network.
  2. Instagram. Gather followers, make posts.
  3. Tell people about your brand in person, let them get a feel for the clothes before buying, so wear the clothes everywhere.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. We recently reached out to a local newspaper with a press release. We got a call from a reporter and later that day met up for a coffee to talk about Rhetorik, they published the story on their website. It’s was a great way to get some extra promo for the brand, and really good for building links to optimise our store for SEO.

You’ve got over 10K followers on Instagram, that’s awesome! How long until you got your first sale?

We were fortunate enough to get our first sale on day 1. It was exhilarating. Also exciting was seeing someone I don’t know wearing it in town.

What was the biggest advantage to using Teemill?

Teemill allows you to get started at almost zero cost.

With Teemill you have large scale production at high quality, allowing you to focus on the fun stuff, like creating designs, and making your customers happy.

If you wanted to launch a fashion business from scratch it would cost thousands and it would still be limited.

Thanks so much for sharing your story Jimmi. Lastly, is there anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Anyone who has supported us in any way, whether it was liking or commenting on a social media post, telling a friend about us, buying a product, leaving a review, we owe you everything. Thank you!

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