Sally and Ceini’s bloody good tees

She Shirts conquers the rising problems women are subject to every day and focuses on the solutions. From creating campaigns for raising money like ‘Bloody Good Period’. Find out in this blog how Sally and Ceini created a brand from the ground up, becoming a success story and how they continue to rise message by message.

It’s awesome to be able to talk to you about this powerful product! We would like to jump straight in and get you guys to tell us a little more about what you guys do, a bit about how this is relevant in today’s world and what causes you guys to get up and go?

She Shirts was founded by two students at the University of Bristol. Sally has just graduated with an Undergraduate degree in Politics and Sociology and Ceini is a Masters student studying History. Early this year we founded She Shirts, an unapologetically feminist fashion range. We sell feminist tees, with all profits going towards charities that support and empower women: Bloody Good Period, Smart Works and Women’s Aid.

The aim is to empower women through the creation, distribution, and then the showcasing of the She-Shirts range. Every she-shirt tells a story, focusing on the contemporary challenges faced by women today.

We think its great when people set out to create an effective message by using the fashion industry! Why did you decide to do a store?

She Shirts was initially Sally’s idea – she felt like someone was missing a trick by not tapping into the feminist consumer market. Over the past year or so, there’s been a move within the fashion industry towards ‘reclaiming’ feminism, with big brands now selling feminist slogan tees. But slogans aren’t quite enough – especially when big corporations package and sell feminism as a marketing gimmick without supporting women in other ways, such as using ethically accredited labour. There was a gap in the market for ethical, feminist t-shirts, that actually made a difference, so about 5 months ago, Sally decided to just go for it. She reached out to Ceini and together they made She Shirts a reality!

It sounds like you guys have a solid setup! What is your plan for marketing, any specific strategies or tactics you’re trying?

Our marketing strategy is simple- keeping it simple and real! All of our photography is bright and fun, showcasing a whole range of beautiful women. Everyone involved in She Shirts is a volunteer, and the models are all our friends.

We’re huge fans of Instagram- it’s such a good place to reach out to customers, find artists to collaborate with and express our personality.

We try and steer clear of anything too corporate or photoshopped, as that’s just not what we’re about.

Can you tell us something you’re excited about with this project?

We’ve recently launched our new collection, which features collaborations with 4 extraordinary artists. It’s so exciting to use our platform to uplift the women around us. Moreover, our designs are bold and powerful, meaning that every time someone wears a tee they’re starting a conversation about real life issues.

With spreading such a colossal message, what is the ambition with your store, where do you hope it goes?

We don’t have a specific end goal as such, we’re just seeing where it takes us! We’d love to do more collaborations, as well as design more of our own tees- Ceini hand-draws many of our designs, and she’s got loads more ideas. The more customers we can attract, the more we can challenge prejudices and stigma, even in a small way, and the more money we can donate to our chosen charities!

We always enjoy hearing about how we can help to spread the word out there and be part of the solution! How did you approach this project in terms of your values, what are you hoping to get out of it and what are you looking to achieve?

We firmly believe in ethical production, using properly paid workers not wage slaves, is an integral part of a feminist brand.

This is why we love Teemill so much, as we know that the tees are printed using low-waste printing technology in a renewable energy-powered factory and made from certified organic cotton by ethically accredited suppliers.

She-Shirts is transformative in that it is committed to fighting inequalities in a practical way, and supports women at every stage of production.

With the many extraordinary products already on your Teemill site, which products are you most excited about and why?

Our new ‘Time of the Month’ tee is pretty exciting- it’s covered in tampons! Periods continue to be stigmatized, and the cost of sanitary products can be crippling. At She Shirts we believe periods should be FREE: free to talk about, free to deal with. Following our recent design competition, our winner Daisy’s design was chosen, which has the word ‘luxurious’ on it surrounded by tampons. It ridicules the notion that sanitary products are a ‘luxury’, and taxed accordingly, despite the fact that many girls and women can’t afford these basics. Our tees actually discuss very serious issues, but in a way that’s accessible, and at times comical.

What a bloody good idea! What advice would you give someone in a similar position, how do they get started in spreading the message and achieving an audience for that?

Be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort! And make sure you love what you’re doing- She Shirts was born out of a desire for making real change and social justice, which is what keeps us going.

Following on from that, was there any part of it that’s been tricky and how did you overcome it?

Predominantly having the time to commit to She Shirts! We’ve had to balance She Shirts with being students, and recently we’ve both had important coursework, meaning we’ve had to fit in She Shirts work around other commitments which have been rather demanding. We really couldn’t do it without one another!

Thank you guys for taking the time to talk to us. Continue the good work and spreading the good word! We’re glad the hard work paid off and if sounds like you have a lot of things in the future to take the fashion world by storm!

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