Save Time with Social Automation

Teemill is built around the idea that your time is valuable, and rather than reinvent the wheel you can just plug in our technology and get on with the fun bit – building your brand. Do the same with these social automation tools that take the donkey-work out of marketing.

Coming up with great content to post online can be fun, but logging in to various social networks on different devices is a waste of time. We’ve found that the following strategy is the best way to save you heaps of time, meaning you only have to post in one place – and update all of your content on all of your channels, including on your Teemill store.

By the end of this tutorial, you should be starting by writing your post on Instagram, and letting technology in the cloud update your facebook, twitter, Teemill blog, G+ and other accounts automatically.

First connect your instagram account to your Facebook fan page. Go to Instagram > Settings > linked accounts. Select your fan page, not your personal account.

If this, then that

Next go to IFTTT and set up an account. IFTTT is a free ‘recipe book’ for automation, and allows web services to connect to each other and exchange data securely. Look for a recipe like “if Instagram, then Twitpic” and follow the instructions to set up this recipe.

Tip: While you’re there, search for other IF Instagram then() recipes, and if you have any other social networks, G+, Tumblr for example, you can also connect these.

Lastly, set up the Instagram Blog feature on Teemill and connect your account, and/or add a pod to your pages and select the “latest instagram image” tab. Remember to add some hashtags that are related to your products, so we can suggest related products from your inventory to your customers.

Testing testing 123

At this point, you’ll be able to give it all a test drive. Add a great image and write an awesome caption on your instagram.

Now go check in across your communication channels: You should see your website and blog on Teemill, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Tumblr, Pinterest or whatever other services you have connected have all been updated with your latest post.

Take Action

Use the spare time to think up more great content, and with the marketing rule of 7, post more!


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