30 second read: How to post more in less time

If your brand uses social media for marketing, you’ll know how easy it can be to launch a tweet promoting a product or sharing a story to get your audience engaged. But lets be honest, the hard bit is remembering to post regularly, after all, people are mostly online when you really want downtime. What if you could have the best of both worlds? In this blog, we look at options for scheduling apps meaning your brand can be posting daily – whilst you invest only 20 minutes a week.

Pic Lou Levit c/o Unsplash

Tweetdeck is a free product on Twitter that lets you monitor hashtags, mentions and multiple accounts. It also has an incredibly powerful free feature to save and schedule tweets. That means you can sit down and smash out 50 posts in an hour, from product features, customer reviews or just great photos – and they’ll be automatically published for you at any time in the future.

You can do a week’s work in one – leaving your accounts to publish your marketing, tweeting a few posts a day at the perfect time. You’re selling, even when you’re asleep.

Scheduling posts are now also available on Instagram. There are a couple of platforms out there, but stand out as one of the best. Simply drag and drop your media onto a calendar, add a caption and you can flick between auto-publishing and manual publishing. With this kind of power, you can literally schedule all of your social media posts for that month in one day.

When this technology is available, it doesn’t make sense not to use it – by writing all your promotional tweets when you’re “in the zone”, you’re more likely to do what your business needs. Send out more quality marketing, more often, according to the rule of seven.

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