Social media marketing for T-shirts (our Secret Weapon)

Social media means brands like yours can reach almost unlimited numbers of new customers, and the more followers you get, the more your content gets amplified. So how do you make sure you get new likes and build a consistent, engaged following that loves your products too? In this blog, we’re sharing our Secret Weapon for social media marketing.

A Teemiller looking inside a mysterious box labled secret weapon

Our secret weapon is what we call a content sheet. It’s super easy and costs the same as an A4 piece of paper, and this is how it works. We design a sheet that contains 12 to 16 examples of things that would really fit our brand’s values, the kind of stuff that we’d love to post. These don’t have to be your images – this sheet is about inspiration and giving you a vision for your social media accounts.

The idea is to get a range of ideas of different types of stuff you’re going to post in future that you can use to refresh your memory, get inspired, or check against

First, it’s important to start with the brand’s values – this is for a brand called Rapanui – and it’s surfy brand that really cares about sustainability. So we can see the different types of posts have been broken down and categorised.

New product – Should be pretty obvious, every time you make a new product post about it.

Rad customer – This is about giving recognition and a shout out to all the customers who support the brand. Ask your customers to tag you in their photos, you’ll then be able to re-post their content. Just make sure you have all relevant permissions.

Coastal adventures – The brand is about encouraging people to go outside, get involved in nature and so the idea behind this item is to remind and inspire people to go outside and explore.

Positive news – This brand shares news stories that celebrate people solving issues around sustainability.

There are some other ideas like behind the scenes – Where the brand posts about what they’re doing and tells the story of the people who are working to build the brand and the new stuff they are working on. People are interested in people. An interesting tactic they are using is to post their behind the scenes content with a black and white filter, helping to differentiate from product posts and boost the quality of the imagery.

Reposted content – A reminder that as long as you have all the relevant permissions you can repost some amazing stories and photos from another account.

Quality – There’s a note here about quality, sharpness, and colour. Making sure that every image is high quality and natural so there’s consistency.

So now you know how the pros come up with such varied, fresh content that’s still on brand and post every day without it appearing samey – it’s not magic, it’s a format, and using this sheet every time you want to post will help you come up with better ideas, make sure there’s lots of variety and build followers faster.

So if you want to get started and make your own, perhaps by searching for keywords that match your brand on Pinterest, make a secret weapon poster and take your social media to the next level.

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