See how Katie’s art is making tracks

Sketchbuck is a place perfect for animal lovers of all sorts to show their commitment to animal safety. Katie is the head of this animal movement, as a freelance designer she has now taken the time to speak to us about Sketchbuck. Explaining and talking about the purpose behind Sketchbuck’s punchy designs as well as building the store.

Katie, we love the style you have in your designs. Can you tell us a little more about what you do as Sketchbuck, a bit about how this is relevant in the world today and what drives you in creating unique products?

I’m Sketchbuck, an illustrator from North West England, specializing in character illustrations and animal portraits; with clients ranging from Vegan Society to a Royal Private collection. I’ve very passionate about animals, being my subject of choice since I first picked up a pencil as a young child. I love drawing gnarly and emotive designs for my t-shirt designs, often with an underlying theme.

We dig the underlying themes in each of your designs. Why did you decide to create a Teemill store?

My digital illustrations look really ‘punchy’, a few people asked whether I’d considered having my designs printed so I looked into it! I love sporting a range of t-shirts that work with my interests, so why not make my own too, then others can enjoy my designs to wear?

Nothing goes better than a punchy design on a tee speaking from the heart! Can you tell us something you’re looking forward to in this project?

Being a full-time freelancer, most of my time is taken creating artwork for others, as well as all the lovely background stuff that goes into running a business; so having a project with my own brief is interesting! I have concepts that have been rattling around for some time which can finally have a purpose.

Awesome stuff Katie! How did you approach this project in terms of sending out the chosen message, what do you want to get out of it and what are you looking to achieve?

The environment is incredibly important to me. Teemill having a healthy, eco-friendly printing process is key for me.

It means a lot to me that Teemill shares so many of my values, and works that into their infrastructure.

My future projects will be going into issues with the environment, such as vegan movements, sustainability and pollution, equality, and human impact on the planet; not only will this be reflected in my designs, but how the t-shirts are produced.

Well Katie you are rocking it and we love seeing new products make its way through us. We look forward to seeing future iconic artwork on a range of products! Take it easy Katie!

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