How to Increase Sales in Winter

Selling t-shirts is obviously part of the growth strategy for any successful Teemill store. But there’s a ridiculously obvious way that you can double profit and increase sales when you would think t-shirts are least likely to sell.

During Spring and Summer, t-shirts sell like hotcakes and there’s no better way to increase revenues by getting some amazing designs, choosing the right colours (like White, where you can make double your money at Teemill) and then pushing hard on the marketing.

Add your best designs to hoodies and make Winter a profitable time

In Winter, it can sometimes feel like you’re not getting any traction. Is it really the case that great brands hibernate, waiting for Spring?

The answer lies in merchandising. As a salesman, you’d never sell an umbrella on a beach in July. But if you were a brolly seller in a rainstorm, you’re winning.

You can keep the demand for your brand up, the sales and customers buzzing by showing them the right product at the right time. When the weather closes in, change up your store and products to reflect demand, and pick warmer products – sweats, hoodies – for Winter.

Sell sweats and hoodies with Teemill

Our award-winning products include blank organic cotton hoodies, made to the same high quality standards and in modern, fashionable shapes. To design on a hoody or sweater, choose the product tab at the product design tab and navigate to Men’s or Women’s sweats. The rest of the process is the same.

As sweats and hoodies can command a higher price, our philosophy of shared profit means that we also pay higher earnings to you for sweat and hoody sales.

Not only can you continue to make money in Winter, you can actually increase earnings by selling products in season for greater profit.

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