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If you’re already initiated into the world of paid ads online, or if you’re looking for a strategy that has a high probability of profitability, remarketing campaigns are a highly effective way to activate sales. Basically you remind the 95%+ visitors that visit and show an interest – but don’t check out the first time – to come back and go again. In this blog you can learn step-by-step how to set up a remarketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram and squeeze more revenue out of your store. It’s easy.

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If people visit your site and do not check out, it does not mean they are not interested. They went to your site because they are interested but many consumers will add to basket and come back later, or intend to checkout at a time when it is more convenient. We’ve all added something to a basket and then left it until later. The issue is that people often then forget.

More than 95% of your visitors are interested but haven’t checked out but then go on to forget about the purchase. Ads that remind them and keep the sale alive are super effective.

You may have noticed the kind of ads online where you view a product, then keep seeing it in your feed. It’s called a dynamic product remarketing ad, or DPA. On stores we run, these ads are 5x cheaper per purchase than other ads and increase store revenue by up to 20% – they are the best return on ad spend that our money can buy.

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Because a DPA is dynamic, you may think it’s something you would need a coder for. With Teemill we have coded in the architecture you need already. The code is written, you just need to tell your Facebook ad account to use it.

Learn how to connect your Teemill store to Facebook Ads Manager so your visitors see ads on Facebook, Instagram, and across the web for products they’ve browsed.

Setting up these kinds of ads is a 3-stage process:

  1. Tell Facebook what products you sell
  2. Tell Facebook what products a person has viewed
  3. Set up ad campaigns in Facebook that use the above info.

1. Tell Facebook what products you sell

Facebook need to know about your products in advance. You need to tell them all the product information like name, price, description and give them an image. This is done by setting up a Product Catalog in Facebook which uses a product feed provided by Teemill.

To find your unique Teemill Product Feed URL, go to Teemill > Apps > Facebook Tracking Pixel.

To set up your Facebook Product Catalog, use this guide, and make sure to follow the “Scheduled Recurring Uploads” instructions:

2. Tell Facebook which products your visitor has viewed

To track a visitor’s actions on your store, you need to install the Facebook Tracking Pixel.

If you haven’t set up pixel yet, check out our handy guide here.

Your Teemill store is already coded to tell Facebook what products a visitor views or adds to their basket, so you’re good to go.

3. Set up ad campaigns in Facebook

The last piece of the puzzle is the ad campaign itself. Head over to the Facebook Ads Manager and create a new campaign, and set the objective of this campaign to “Catalogue Sales”

At this point, you start building ad sets for different demographics.
We recommend building the following ad sets:

  • Viewed product in the last 14 days but not purchased
  • Added product to basket in the last 28 days but not purchased

Having different ad sets allow you to set different budgets and have different ad creative for each. For example, for people who have viewed a product, you may want the ad text to contain the product description. For people who have added the product to their basket, you may want the ad text to instead contain reassurance like “easy returns and exchanges” or “next-day shipping available”.

Once your ad sets are created, you need to design your ads. You are able to use a range of custom variables from the product feed, including product name, description, price and more. You can also include static text, offers, price overlays, and fixed images. As with all online marketing, we recommend trying multiple variations of ad creative so that you have the opportunity to learn what works best for your brand.

For an even more detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a campaign with these options, check out this article on Facebook.

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