Setting Goals: The 25 to 5 Game

25 to 5 rule

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful businessmen in history and is well known for his down-to-earth, long term outlook. Not a talker, a doer. And so a good person to look for when trying to build your own sales through Teemill.

Whether you’re a passionate charity fundraiser or a hyper-competitive entrepreneur, there are lessons to be learned from his success and methods. So here we examine Warren Buffett’s philosophy and apply it to your Teemill account. How can you use the experience of building a multi-billion empire in your own project?

His top tip is the rule of 25 and 5. Put simply, pump the brakes and get a pen and paper: Think carefully and come up with 25 goals, achievements or things you’re working towards.

Your long-list of 25 goals might include new designs, a great photoshoot, a nifty neck label, some more twitter followers, a load of team riders, SEO and cost per click campaigns, an app, a launch party, a blog, a mixtape.

Write down your 25 things, or if you have more, condense to 25. Next, identify the top 5 that matter.

For example, you might think about great photography and realise that it completely changes the way your brand looks and feels for everyone – but that brand-specific app? Well, it’s probably going to be really hard and lets face it, it might not make that much difference. Those labels wont really add value either. But profit on the other hand? That’s got to be a top 5.

Now you have your top 5, keep them seperate. And avoid the other 20 at all costs.

That’s right: Warren Buffett’s top tip is to not do 20 of your 25 goals. And not just to not do them, but to avoid at all costs. Delete them, stop thinking about them, destroy the ideas.

They’re distractions, and will stop you ever achieving the 5 that really matter.

Give the 25 to 5 method a go now.



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