Even more ways to make the most of free shipping weekends

When there is an offer on, the probability that you will make sales increases. All you need to do is make people aware of your store, your products and your offer. We’ve got even more ideas about how to make the most out of the offers we sponsor on Teemill, like the free shipping weekends. Try each of these ideas, and compare the results to find out what works for your store.

An excited Teemiller showing his dedication and support for Freeship Weekend

First up is something that is super underrated, live video. Facebook and Instagram introduced the live video broadcast features and we think they’re desperate for people to use them. It’s likely that your live video will reach more people than just uploading a photo with some text.

Live videos sit in the stories feed right at the top of Instagram – in a prime real estate spot for your stuff to get seen.

Live video seems to be really popular. It’s a media that is happening in real time, that people don’t want to miss out on. It’s also a really cool way to interact with your customers because they can post comments and questions as you are live.

Facebook and Instagram will send your followers a push notification when you go live so your customers don’t miss it.

Talk about your current and upcoming offers while showcasing one of your own tees and tell people to visit your site and check them out.

Another underused feature is Instagram stories. Instagram has become the platform for big brands to share their story in real time. Rather than post to your timeline, post a story about your offer. We recommend using fun, short posts and make use of all the rad little gifs and icons you can add to your content.

Best of all these disappear every 24 hours, so while you need to post at least once per day while the offer is on, you don’t need to worry about deleting posts mentioning your offer once it’s expired.

Boomerang is a clever way to bring your offer to life with a more dynamic and fun post.

Boomerangs are great for creating something super eye-catching without needing a big budget.

With an offer, the normal rules can kinda be set aside, you’re trying to capture people’s attention and alerting them that your offer is on.

Lastly, if your store looks amazing and your posts are really great, it is time to boost them. Boosting your post is a paid advertising meaning you’ll either get a return or learn something new about ads. Launching paid ad campaigns is the way that most of the bigger brands reach new customers. Check out our top tips for advertising your Teemill store.

The more people that see your stuff, the more traffic you get, and the more orders you get. Time to squeeze every last drop out of the next offer and go big with your next promo.

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