Linking your store through Social Media


When it comes to social media it can feel like a conflict between doing a great job of introducing products to your followers and not appearing too spammy. Here are some of the ways the pros post all the time about their product, still maintain a really high-quality feed and even make the product part of the story.

First up make sure your bio includes a link to your store so you can casually refer to your store without plugging a web address. This means you can add a line on to the end of any post about anything and get visitors heading for your shop. Imagine you’re a charity posting an image of your team out working on an issue. In the caption, you can say “and if you’d like to support our work, check out our store too, link in bio” – It’s a natural next step for anyone who has read that far. You can put it on literally every post.

A happy Teemiller craking the key to social media posting

Just because you’ve started selling products, it doesn’t mean it is not a story. Instead of thinking of your products as something you’re selling, talk about them like it’s something you’re doing. Share images of the design phase, or a meetup where you’re talking about what to bring to the store, and ask people what they’d like to see.

Try including your followers in your product journey: You can post two design ideas and ask your customers to vote on one.

When it’s time to launch a new product you’re simply sharing the results of what they asked for – and engaged followers are pulling the products, rather than you pushing it.

Another thing that you can do is think about the way you post pictures of your product. People like social media for stories, so post pictures of people wearing your products who are doing something.

If you’re a skate brand, post a picture of a skater shredding at a skatepark in your product.

Here’s a trick to remember – it’s all good posting a flat image of your products as the secondary image in a multi-image post. Your product should be secondary to your feed. So your feed looks clean and packed with stories and cool images. And when people see an amazing image (like the skater shredding) they might click and view more, and it’s those people who really like your stuff that can then swipe across and at that point see the product that’s being worn in the first image.


So selling products on social media can actually improve the quality of your feed if you keep posting original stories and content. Add products that feature into your posts as a secondary image, and always refer your followers back to the link in your bio no matter what you post.

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