Hear from Margeux about using design for good causes

Marine Connection working internationally on the protection, conservation and welfare of marine mammals. We caught up with Margeux from Marine Connection who told us about how they’re reaching a new audience and empowering their followers to support their cause with their new range of fundraising prints. It’s a great case study on how you can link an issue to a print and bring a cause to life, engaging more people and generating more traction on social media – as well as generating important revenue to support charitable work.

Hey Margaux. Can you tell us how this story started?

For us, the t-shirts are a great way to reach the public. Helping to spread the message about the work we do and the issues we cover whilst giving purchasers and supporters something back: great designs to wear to show their support for the cause. We had tried something like this before.

We tried stocking ourselves and found buying bulk frustrating as you had to make sure you had sufficient stock of sizes, colours, and designs meaning that sometimes you were left with unsold stock.

An online approach is so much easier than sourcing yourself and is ideal for charities.

Straight away we realised the concept would solve this problem, so we set up a store and got our design ideas going. We found the Teemill’s customer service friendly and efficient. It’s been a great economic alternative to finding a supplier the old-fashioned way.

So the store is currently connected to your main site is that right?

Yes, we have a main site and we’ve made sure that through a big banner, and clear links in the main navigation, people are able to navigate to our store. Also, we post on social media and via our newsletters to bring traffic and raise funds.

What are the advantages for using Teemill?

The biggest advantage has been that we no longer have to pre-purchase stock (it can be problematic and wasteful) as the orders are automatically printed and shipped the same working day, and all the exchanges and customer service is taken care of.

Time that would have been spent processing orders can be utilised towards our projects and campaigning work.

Also, I have to mention with the way the system enables it to look so professional, stylish and it is easy to add new designs quickly really makes a difference. We just link from our main website and it blends seamlessly.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story Margeux, and stoked the tech is able to do a little to support such important conservation work!

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