Started a butterfly effect in conservation with Becky

Design inspiration comes easily when you protect some of the most colourful and fascinating insect species in the world. Butterfly Conservation’s clothing range has the added benefit of raising funds for an important environmental issue. We caught up with Becky to find out what it took to grow such a successful online store, and learn more about how t-shirt campaigns can bring issues to life and create engagement. It’s a great read if you are thinking about using your store to make a difference.

Hi Becky. Where did the idea for the Butterfly Conservation clothes store start?

As a charity, we need to embrace lots of different ways of fundraising. Selling clothing felt like a great way to develop a connection with our members and it also helps us raise funds and raise awareness of our work. We had previously sold some clothing through our online store, but we struggled to find ethical, high-quality suppliers.

Teemill not only allowed us to be sure all our clothing was produced in a more sustainable way, but the printing technology also allows us to create bright and colourful designs, which our supporters love.

Stoked we could help. So what’s been the most fun part so far?

Seeing the new designs is really exciting and being able to track which designs are most popular is super helpful.

The time saved is what leads to the fun stuff: The systems remove so much of the workload from us, we can promote the clothing and know that our supporters will receive high-quality products.

We have had great feedback on all the designs and especially the fact all of the clothing is produced using lower impact materials.

What methods did you use to generate your first sales?

It’s as simple as sharing. The products in themselves are a great conversation starter online, and the sponsored promotions run by Teemill give us great stories so we can push out more content on social media and in our newsletters. The new apps make this all pretty easy to do.

Great advice Becky. How does it feel knowing that hundreds of people are out there wearing your products?

It is brilliant for us, the more people we can reach the more of a difference we can make. The designs help to promote our work, but still look eye-catching and stylish.

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