Catherine & team uses Teemill alongside an existing store

Red Paddle Co is a leading SUP and water sports company who are constantly innovating. How does a brand with an existing website take advantage of Teemill tech to add clothing to their offer? We caught up with Catherine from Red Paddle Co to find out more about how they used the tech to create a new range of products for existing customers.

Hey Catherine, we’re stoked to see Red Paddle Co. using our tech.¬†Can you tell us how this story started?

We have a very loyal fan base who are passionate about Red Paddle Co. and we were starting to get a lot of requests from our customers asking where they could purchase a Red Paddle Co t-shirt from, however, we did not have anything suitable for them to buy. We wanted to be able to offer this service but we did not have the expertise to produce a product to the same quality as our boards so we started looking around at possible solutions.

Did you try selling clothing before finding Teemill?

Well, we used to have t-shirts available to our local retailers and their staff to wear in store but had nothing available that was customer facing – the tees we’d made in the past were through a local screen printer but we found that the quality of the garments was not of the quality and ethical standards that we wanted for our customers.

We did not have the capability in-house to manage the professional set up offered by Teemill and love the way we can customise the store to match our brand. It’s the perfect solution for us as it allows us to offer our customers multiple designs which they can order and have delivered quickly. We can try some new styles or make new or limited edition designs without any risk or investment in stock.

With everything printed to order the same day, We offer more designs giving our customers greater choice with less risk. Unlike traditional t-shirt printing methods we don’t have to carry stock of every design in every size and colour.

Red Paddle

Stoked to hear you’re seeing real benefits to your business. So what’s the most fun part of the process been?

Having the ability to add new designs within seconds and having the flexibility in pricing means we can really control our store with ease, this makes it loads of fun. Not having to worry about fulfilling the orders means we can focus more on producing new styles and tweaking the store to offer the best products possible.

Flexibility has got to be the biggest advantage for us. Not having to carry stock means we can add and remove designs at a click or a button or add new colourways if something is selling well.

And what do Red Paddle Co customers think about your Teemill Store?

It’s all positive so far. We want to offer more designs to our followers in the future. We love that we are now able to offer this service to our customers and are delighted to be able to use a manufacturer that shares similar values and provides amazing customer service.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story with other Teemillers out there Catherine. We’ll see you out on the water!


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