The 1 hour marketing plan

Marketing is a big word when you get down to the specifics. Studying how the most successful Teemill stores go about marketing on limited time and budget reveals a pattern – and a plan. Marketing all comes down to one thing – the customer seeing, watching or reading your content. What or where that is can be anything, anywhere. A pay-per-click ad on Google is as valid as a branded clothes peg clipped to someone at a bar, to be discovered later.

Whatever marketing you do, the marketing rule of seven says one thing: Do more of it. The number one reason why customers don’t shop from you is that they haven’t heard of you.

With the world’s population exploding with billions of potential customers,  42% of them are online, and Teemill getting you years ahead of the game, there’s never been more potential for you to build a business on the internet.

To reach all those people, you’ll need to post a lot.

There’s no set way to make a marketing plan – we’ll share our method and recommend you adapt it to suit you. First, think of weekly stories. Weeks are a natural way for you to build a rhythm and a structure. First we would like to recommend a product, Teamweek. It lets you schedule tasks per day, at a weekly (or monthly) resolution, and it’s free.

Each week set a key story, and make that your headline. We recommend your big story on payday should be an offer – luckily at Teemill, we do a free offer for store owners to use, keeping you in sync. Find another story for the other weeks – a new product, a new collection even, or some amazing blog content, event or photo shoot you’ve done. Write that as the week’s “headline.”

Weekly headlines, smaller stories daily

That headline will form the top story in your database newsletter. Make sure you get that newsletter written and sent every week. At the same time, write and schedule a quality post introducing that story.

For the rest of the week, try and come up with one post idea a day. It could be a featured product, photo, or relevant story in the press your customers might like. Schedule all of these, and make sure to invite customers to hit your URL for more. Use these posts for the smaller stories in your newsletter, under the main story.

Great photography makes life easy

One of the most common things to realise at this stage is having a bank of amazing photography really helps bring all your marketing to life. Some photos are so good they don’t even need any words or reason to post them: The fact they are a great photo is enough.


If you’re finding generating content difficult, it might be a good idea to get some samples and sort some great photos.

Plan out the next month with this framework in Teamweek, but no more – each month it’s important to stop and review what’s working, and what’s not – and check your hypothesis with your analytics.

You should now have a framework and a month’s marketing plan – a clear idea of your next 30 posts, and 4 newsletters. If you wanted to supercharge your sales, why not start writing all of them now, and scheduling for delivery?

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