The easiest (ever) way to try out advertising

In this blog we look at how to set up a simple ad the right way. Boosted posts can help you increase the likelihood that your target audience can see your content on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great option if you don’t have loads of experience with running online ads, since it only takes a few clicks and your boosted post will automatically be optimised to reach people within your audience. Ads can instantly turn on traffic and sales and you could launch one in the next 5 minutes.

You can boost any of your Page posts including photos, videos, Facebook Events, Offers, and more. And it’s easy to boost directly from your Page or the Facebook Ads Manager. The key to a successful boosted post is the quality of the original post. Your goal is to create engagement so that people talk about your brand or product.

Boosting a post puts it in front of more people, but the ultimate engine for increasing brand awareness is the sharing, commenting, and liking of your post; which means it needs to be good!

If you’re stuck for a decent photo, navigate to marketing tools when logged in to Teemill and use the photo booth to make one.

To start with, the creative needs to be attention-grabbing. Ads can be really simple. A beautiful photo or a short video, plus a compelling sentence about your brand and product is all you need. But it must be high quality.

Before building an ad, remind yourself of the outcome you want. It would be awesome to get loads of shares, likes or comments but you also want to sell some products too. Make sure you encourage your customer to visit your store and buy your product with a link to your Teemill store at the end of your post.

If you want to make your boosted post even more likely to sell products, make sure to tag featured products from your Facebook shop.

This means people who see your post can click through to products directly. If you haven’t set up your Facebook shop yet, drop everything and head over to this guide – it’s easy to do and it’s free.

Getting started with Boosting

You might have already seen the Boost button and you can just click that and explore for yourself as it’s pretty intuitive – but we’ve put down some pointers below that might help.

  • 1.Go to your Page and find the post you’d like to boost and click on Boost Post.
  • 2. Now you get asked to set up the ad targeting and settings. More targeted ads that are set up to be delivered at optimum times will be more efficient. This is important, as an inefficient ad wastes money.
  • 3. Pick from the audience drop downs. You can target people who like your Page, people who like your Page and their friends, a default audience, or create a new audience. If you create a new audience, you can select the location, age, gender, and interests of people you want to reach with your ad. You’ll notice there is an option to further edit your selected audience, but you can only change the location. If you’d like to adjust more than just the location, you should click on Create a New Audience.
  • 3. Set your budget. The maximum amount you’d like to spend on boosting the post for the entire duration of the promotion. When you select your budget, you’ll see the estimated number of people you can reach for that amount. The estimation factors in both your budget and the parameters you’ve set for your target audience.
  • 4. Decide on how long you’d like to run your ad under Duration. You can choose from the default 1, 7, or 14 days, or choose your own end date.
  • 5. Preview your ad and how it appears in News Feed across desktop and mobile.
  • 6. Now you are ready, click Boost.

And that’s it, your ad will now launch and start being delivered across Facebook to people who match your target demographic.

Boosting a post is a good way to try out Facebook ads to get a feel for what advertising online is like. It takes a little time to learn the full potential for targeted marketing but it is surely one of the greatest opportunities for new brands to reach new customers, grow and seek profit in a measurable, scientific way.

For a more detailed guide to successfully boosting posts, enrol in the Facebook Blueprint online course, which is free.

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