Tees for The Worldwide Tribe with Jaz

One of the best things is seeing values-based organisations using Teemill. It was awesome catching up with Jaz from The Worldwide Tribe, who told us their story and how they’re using Teemill to generate extra awareness and funds for their cause.

Hi Jaz, we love The Worldwide Tribe. How would you best sum up the story?

The world is getting smaller and it’s time to come together regardless of race, nationality, gender, religion or language, as one global community of international citizens; The Worldwide Tribe.

We produce creative content to bring a personal, human perspective to the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time…the Refugee Crisis.

With the power of social media, we have formed an incredible community of people who care about the world and the people we share it with.

That’s awesome Jaz. So why did you choose Teemill?

We chose Teemill because their ethos aligns very well with ours as an organisation. My background is in ethical fashion and I worked for years in fairtrade factories in India and with organic cotton farmers in rural India.

It’s important to us that all strands of our work fall under the same umbrella of compassion and consideration for each other at our core.

What has been your experience been like so far?

The biggest advantage for us has been time. Teemill enabled us to go from spending hours packing t-shirts, writing handwritten notes and waiting in post office queues, to doing what we do best, working on the ground in refugee camps.

Our experience of Teemill has been amazing. I feel like I know the team and that they personally support me in my weird and wonderful requests!

Using Teemill makes the process of buying our merchandise so much more straightforward and time effective for our team. We have also been able to broaden our range with new designs on products we’d have never thought about stocking.

That’s really interesting. What was the response like with your followers?

We have a super loyal online community…our Tribe…and they have continued to be amazingly supportive of our new shop.

Our online following are really supportive, we mainly use social media content as the main form of marketing. Regular high-quality photography and copy give the best results.

As soon as we launched we got some samples and a photoshoot underway. This was mainly for marketing and merchandising our site with. The team absolutely loved them, they were fighting over them by the end of the shoot!

That’s a great tip for new brands. What is the main goal of your organisation?

We are all about awareness. The more people that connect with our stories and content, the closer we get to tackling the fear-based narrative often pushed by other forms of media.

Our reach and engagement are super important, our dream is to build a powerful community of international citizens who care about the world and the people we share it with!

How do you see t-shirts playing a part in the future of The Worldwide Tribe?

I think our merchandise will always be a clear call to action when it comes to ‘joining the tribe.’ It enables people to feel like they are part of something…the bigger movement…which is a feeling we are constantly striving to create.

Thanks so much for telling us your story Jaz, we can’t wait to see what’s next with The Worldwide Tribe.

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