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Having all that data at your fingertips is one of the most exciting parts of using Teemill to build your business on. There’s a whole range of statistics for you to draw on, and it’s important to stay focused on the outcome: How do we turn insights into sales?

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There are many web statistics packages out there that allow you to track and monitor activity on your website, like Google Analytics. Teemill has its own built-in analytics suite, and on the face of it, appears more lightweight. Like most things in Teemill, there’s a reason.

Web analytics often consume a lot of time but leave more questions than we started with. These stats are meant to give us answers and lead to actions.

By looking atĀ the resources that our analysts use most regularly, we built a custom analytics tool that takes the confusion and unnecessary detail out and leaves the simple, powerful insights. It means that people who build a store on Teemill and connect to our print-on-demand supply chain have a curated set of data that more clearly helps them achieve their goals.

First understand your goal

Before diving into the data, we recommend first focusing on your goal. Why are you using Teemill and what is your objective? This helps lead to establishing our top-level goal.

  • Maybe you want to build profit, and therefore profitability is most important.
  • You might want to build reach and audience, therefore you might care about volume.

From here, we must establish a hierarchy of statistics, to help us place all of the data in some structure.

Example Workflow

First is our goal, let’s say profit. In the hierarchy, we move a level down to establish what influences that. It is the number of sales and the profit per sale. This leads our line of enquiry: To boost profits, we need more sales or more profit. Let us assume the user has used white t-shirts at a recommended price. Clearly, profit is strong, so sales becomes our focus.

Next, we look at what influences sales volume. It is two statistics, traffic, and conversion rate. We can influence conversion rate with great photography, improved descriptions and quality design. If this is strong already, we must look at traffic – by investing time in SEO, PR, a newsletter or similar marketing.

So in conclusion, the best way to get the most out of all the many stats and analytics available through Teemill systems or via an analytics plugin is by making sure you know what you want to achieve before opening them up. Let your goal lead you to the stat, don’t let the stats lead you.

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