How cold weather can boost sales

Just because it’s not t-shirt weather, doesn’t mean it’s not Teemill weather. In fact you might be surprised to learn that the top Teemill stores often earn MORE in some Winter months than in Summer. In this blog we’re going to talk about how to run your store in winter and use bad weather and the colder seasons to actually improve your sales using Teemill, especially when it’s really, really really quite cold outside.

A Teemiller enjoying the windy weather

It starts out with one simple trick. Take your best selling designs and add them to jumpers. Teemill is packed with products other than tees, like long sleeve baseball tops, tote bags, and crucially when it gets really cold, lovely warm jumpers and hoodies.

Our jumpers and hoodies are super soft and really warm and cosy. And they print just as well as our tees. When the seasons change, the easiest way to get this done is to get on Teemill and use your saved artwork to create new jumpers and hoodies with tried and tested best selling designs. You can then launch these New products to your customers.

Here’s a pro tip: Use the word NEW and add them to your ‘new in’ collection in your menu. Make sure your homepage banner is a new, really high-quality photo of someone wearing one of your new hoodies or jumpers. It’ll make your whole store feel nice and cosy just at the right time weatherwise. We mentioned that you can actually earn even more on Teemill in Winter. And that’s because the Average order value is much higher. Hoodies and sweats typically sell for around twice that of a tee, and that means more profit for you too.

So there we are Teemillers, if T-shirt weather turns to miserable weather, then this is a great opportunity to boost your sales. Embrace the cold and give your customers what they really really really need – a nice warm jumper or hoody to get them through winter.

You can find more info on making a profit no matter the weather on our video and Teemill Youtube channel.

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