Getting traction on Instagram with a quick campaign

With an emphasis on inspiring visuals, packed with aesthetic and inspiring stories, Instagram is a perfect place to build a brand. Behind the scenes it serves content powered by the Facebook ads manager tool – so it’s easy to accelerate growth on both platforms from one place. In this blog we look at how to get started with a campaign for your brand targeting instagram users that will love your stuff.

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Instagram is a mobile-centric platform and Teemill stores are built around incredible mobile-first user experiences. So we’re seeing stores get great results advertising on Instagram. Yet it’s often thought of as a second-step after getting into Facebook ads. The reality is that Instagram ads in many cases outperform Facebook-based ads.

You launch and manage campaigns on Instagram through the Facebook ads manager.

Getting started on Instagram ads is pretty easy. First make sure you have followed our pre-ad checklist which is all about making sure your products, descriptions and store look incredible to maximise your chances of getting a good return on your campaign.

Build a campaign

At the Ad Set level, you control where you want your ad to display. You can select Instagram only when you select your placement settings. Facebook recommend selecting Automatic Placements when building your Ad Set

Selecting automatic placements means your campaign will run on Instagram, Facebook, and the Audience Network at the same time. This enables Facebook optimise where your ad is seen and which platform is getting the best results automatically.

At the ad level, you can edit the creative for each placement separately to make sure your ads look just the way you want them to on Instagram.

Carousel ads and video ads allow you to serve more content and therefore showcase more products & photos, meaning potential customers are more likely to see something they like. If you don’t have any video, use the Ad Manager’s built-in slideshow creator. We recommend a 0.5 or 1 second transition time. Keep your pics & vids square (or even portrait) to maximise screen space.

Sometimes the algorithms that deliver ads look at interaction and engagement to understand where and when an ad should appear. Encouraging users to “tag a friend” in the description helps deliveries – and helps your ad spread to people who are tagged without cost to you.

Make sure you add a call to action and tell your customers what to do next – to shop now – and include a link to your store or products.

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