Vlogging could really work for you

Think of Youtube as the second biggest search engine in the world. Do you want a slice of that traffic? Starting a vlog is super accessible with a smartphone and really there’s nothing stopping you from getting started – in fact, that’s the hardest bit. What to say? Feel a bit weird? Worried it won’t be good? We’ve got some tips on how to make great vlogging so easy and fun – not to mention good for your brand – that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do sooner.

People go to Youtube to be entertained and also to learn stuff, or to be inspired. The volume of traffic is so huge and the diversity of topics and interests so broad that simple videos can get millions of views. There are more consumers of content than content creators, and to make money online you have to be a creator. But vlogging is easy. The hardest bit about Vlogging is summoning up the courage to turn that camera around and start talking.

Vlogging might feel a bit weird at first but it actually is ridiculously easy – so easy, and so effective at reaching people, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. You just need to talk to your phone.

As with all content creation, it is a lot easier if you are talking about something interesting – that you’re passionate about if you know your stuff. If you’re making something genuinely informative or helpful – or even sharing your opinion or feelings on a topic – people will watch it.

Make sure you use descriptive language for your video title and description and take the time to get your tagging right so that it appears in content searches.

Establishing a consistent rhythm (say one a week) increases engagement as before you get a subscribe, folks will probably go watch a few more of your videos. Make sure your channel name matches your branding, and recycle your vlogs – re-post them on Instagram and Facebook, and you can send them out in newsletters too.

This is fashion and lifestyle vlogger Emily Hart, explaining the story behind each product in her new collection launch. Emily is great at creating dynamic videos that make you want to carry on watching right through to the end. Talk about your products and make sure to put a link to your store in the descriptions and this is a sure fire way to sell merch.

Lights, phone, action

Don’t worry too much about the camera, your smartphone will do. But lighting is worth thinking about. The more light around the better, and make sure it’s shining from behind your phone keeping your face well lit so your camera can focus. The best light in the world is the Sun – so get yourself set up somewhere relevant out there in the real world. If you’re a skater, vlog from the miniramp live, when people are shredding. If you are a streetwear brand, vlog from the streets. Forget a studio, be real and authentic – vlog from your real life.

Make sure your lighting is good and watch a few vlogs to get a feel for the presentation style – then draft a couple of talking points and give it a go.

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