What colour t-shirts sells the most?

One of the most fun parts of t-shirt design is mocking up your design to see which colours it works on best. At Teemill, you can sell your designs on a massive range of quality coloured tees. The profits you earn and the number you might sell depends on the colour. How to pick the right ones?

Luckily our analytics team tracks data from millions of visitors that browse every store built on Teemill, and gather up that data to help you make better choices to make more money. First, there’s one simple rule to follow.

Radically increase profit

White t-shirts are faster to print and cost us less, that’s why we pay you more when you sell one on Teemill. There’s also less to think about from an artwork point of view: (Even the average JPEG will come out looking great!) It makes sense to aim to sell a fair share of white tees.

If you’re looking to build a Teemill t-shirt campaign page where you only sell one main design, without doubt get that design on a white t-shirt.

In terms of data, white t-shirts are consistently in the top 3 colourways that customers choose. Not only do white tees increase your profit, there’s a demand for designs on white from the customer. It’s a no-brainer.

When working with colour tees

If you want to design a range, you might not want to have a wall of white – it’s important to mix it up and get a nice selection going. Or you might find that some designs work much better on colours and it’s worth choosing volume over profit per item.

When you pick a coloured tee for your design, you’ll want to know which colours sell best to maximise your chances of making a sale as there is a slightly lower earning potential.

Our data analysts look at this issue regularly, as we use the volume/popularity of colours to both influence orders for blank t-shirt stock, and how to optimise Teemill accounts that we create for larger organisations that pay us to do all the work for them.

Like us, there’s a simple check you can do to make sure you’re selling what the customer wants:

Make sure you look at which colours your demographic likes, as well as which designs – you can find this data in your analytics.

If you’re motivated to improve your sales, remember that it’s 25 little things that make 1% of difference, not 1 thing that makes 25% of difference. Once you’ve got some white tees in, and checked the colours you offer are in demand, check in with your design quality, photography, product descriptions and online marketing plan.

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