What’s in Sarah’s wardrobe?

We caught up with Sarah about her brand ‘My T-shirt Wardrobe’, which started off as a hobby now turned full business. Spreading unique designs and encouraging an active fanbase. Social media plays a huge part for both the fans and the products spreading the message of being eco-friendly. We find out from Sarah how she has been successful, how she uses social media to spread her word and what she has planned next for the near future.

Great to meet you Sarah and we love the designs! Would you be able to tell us a little more about what goes on behind the wardrobe, a bit about how this is relevant in the world today and what drives you?

I’m driven by creating unique designs and putting them on sustainable clothing so that we can all make our wardrobes more eco-friendly. Many of my designs are nature or wildlife inspired – people seem to love them!

Awesome! Why did you decide to do a store in particular?

I love designing – not only developing my own ideas but also making customers’ idea come alive. I was unwell for a while and it was something I could do on my laptop from my bed or curled up on the sofa. It started as a hobby to keep me busy and turned into a business.

What is your plan for the store to continue to grow, any specific strategies or tactics you’re currently trying out?

I find that the key thing for my store and what works best for me is social media. Just keep posting regularly and keep the posts as fresh as possible.

People will catch on if the same content is being reused, keeping the feed clean is key.

Other than that – plan, plan, plan!

Sounds like you have a good plan in action. Would you be able to tell us something you’re excited about with this project?

Every part of it is exciting – each time I get a new design brief, receive an amazing review or see someone wearing one of my designs! I am always excited about my next design.

What’s the ambition with your store, where do you hope in the future it will lead?

My ambition at the moment is to get my store even more widely known across the UK. It is amazing knowing that there are 100s of people out there wearing my designs but as with anything.

There is always room to improve.

How did you approach this project in terms of your values, what do you want to get out of it and what are you hopeing to achieve?

My biggest focus is on customer service – that is so important in any business – I love the eco-friendly ethos of Teemill and want to focus on making people think about where the items in their wardrobe come from.

Keeping the loyal fanbase is important! Which product are you most excited about and why?

Our bestseller is the ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ design – it’s been around a while, but people still love it. It is available across the full range of products and also in a smaller ‘logo’ format.

What advice would you give to someone starting from scratch, knowing what you know now?

Just start designing to start with and find your style – put a portfolio together. Once that is in place hopefully your store name will just come to you and you can take it from there.

Was there any part of it that’s been tricky and how did you climb over that hurdle?

Post regularly and use various platforms.

Dealing with the algorithms of social media is particularly tough but you just have to stick with it.

I was delighted to win Jacqueline Gold’s #WOW competition on Twitter. All these small things help to spur you on to continue. Just keep smiling!

It’s great to see that your designs are proving to be such a hit with so many people out there. We love that your so in touch with the community and congrats from the team on the #WOW award! We look forward to seeing many more designs in the future Sarah!

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