When is the best time to post on social media?

Social media represents an amazing opportunity for new businesses to access consumers directly and in this blog we take a deep dive into the data to come out with a simple hack, optimising the time of day to post. With hashtags and paid advertising, we can target folks who we know will be interested in our products. But we can only do that when they are online, so when is the best time to post our content on social media?

a graph showing the popular times people go on social media

Fortunately online business means better data, and there have been lots of studies on when consumers are most active on different platforms – and when they are most likely to respond to marketing content and make a purchase. It depends on the customer and your demographic, but in our experience, the graph above by Adweek almost exactly reflects a realistic daily pattern of use for the kind of consumers you are likely to be able to target using Teemill.

One of the best ways to run a store is to think of yourself as your own biggest customer. When you’re on social media, your customer is too. That’s the time to pump out multiple posts.

The pattern shows that sometimes folks wake up and check their social media profiles and go online around breakfast time, often before getting out of bed. Whilst in our experience fewer purchases are made around this time, engagement is good – perhaps because fewer businesses have staff in at that time posting or advertising. It can be good to post a little in the morning and follow up with some great content in the evening. You could post a teaser pic and then a story, a new product or cool video (or all three) in the evening that leads the customer to check out more of your stuff, visit your site and checkout.

After work through to 1 am is peak time. The customer is most likely on the sofa half-watching a bit of TV with a phone or tablet in hand. That’s when people are most likely to engage and indulge in some online shopping.

Teemill is mobile friendly as standard so taking your customer from social media to your store checkout is seamless. How you respond to the user data will differ depending on how you use Teemill. If you are using Teemill in your spare time alongside another job, this graph is incredible news. It means that the optimum times to do your Teemill work are the evenings and weekends.

If you are a business or charity using Teemill to power your fulfilment, the exact time your team is not in the office is when you want to be marketing. This means that if your team post their content during office hours, consumers or your supporters are less likely to see it. Either way, it follows that now you know the optimum time to post on social media, how do you make the most of the window without having to sit at your device the whole time?


One solution we recommend is to schedule posts to drop later in the evening at regular intervals. You can write a post and schedule it to appear at a certain time on Facebook (look out for the schedule button just before you click post) and you can also schedule hundreds of tweets at a time using Tweetdeck. By using tools like “IFTTT” to automate social media, you can make it even easier to share the posts across your social networks. For example, “IF Ipost to Facebook, Tweet it too”. 

The outcome? With tactical timing over 5 times as many people will see your stuff.

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