When is the best time to send mail shots?

Focusing on getting new customers is always a great idea, but did you know that over the time a customer stays with you, an existing customer can spend as much as 10 times the amount in their initial purchase. So repeat purchases are how the big brands really consolidate and stay ahead. In this blog we explore how your email marketing strategy can make the difference as you scale up your brand’s sales on Teemill. We analyse the data to find out the optimum times to send your campaigns and learn more about the approach the top stores take.

Similarly to social media the timing changes the effectiveness of your mailshots and campaigns – if an email drops when a person is busy, it will be deleted but if a quality nudge arrives just as your customer is shopping online you can get spectacular results.

What time of day is best?

We studied and tested different delivery days and times with split test experiments. We use data analysis a lot but sometimes it confirms what we already know. When people are at work they are not buying t-shirts. In the evenings, and on weekends when they are browsing online or using their personal email account, they are more likely to be in a buying mood.

social media peak time

So like social media we recommend making sure your newsletters drop in the evenings after dinner time, and to send multiple-email campaigns over a weekend.

Schedule your email marketing just like your social posts, to drop at just the right time.

What day is the best day?

In our tests, the quality of the newsletter in terms of the story and photography makes far more difference than the day of the week. We have found that Mondays are marginally the least effective day for open rate, perhaps because people are busy getting their working week started.

It’s sometimes worth considering pay day timings, depending on your target demographic. The last week of the month has a marginally lower conversion rate on some stores.

So on a normal month throughout the year you can send newsletters say, Wednesday to Sunday – in the evenings – and skip the last week of the month. To get an extra couple of percent open and click through rate. The exception is at key times throughout the year.

Christmas Rampage

The odd month out is Christmas. From the 20th of November to the 20th of December, open, click and conversion rates are sometimes as much as 10X higher than the rest of the year. Many retail stores make a loss most of the year and live only on Christmas, which gives a benchmark to the skew of sales of some products.

At Christmas anything works apart from sending too few email newsletters. The story can be anything, and often the most effective is a simple product feature.

Make sure the image and description quality are high quality and crank up the send frequency. You want to send more, more, more newsletters.

The main thing we see at Christmas is stores sending too few emails. Teemill products are perfectly priced in a gift-friendly class for customers who want a unique, quality gift for their friends or family. The only way to fail is to not send enough emails to cut through the noise. You can monitor your unsub rate and increase frequency up until 1.5% of your subscribers elect to unsubscribe and then back off. But one every other day during Christmas would not be too much.

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