Why everyone’s tuning into Matt

Matt runs one of the most rad action sports podcasts known to man. He is using his Teemill store to turn his crew of loyal listeners into a sustainable business. Matt felt the Action sports community lacked a decent podcast so made his own, and within months his show picked up hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide. In this blog, you can learn about how Matt built his store and how he is giving his listeners a chance to get involved with his products.

It’s rad to have you here with us Matt! Love the podcast and love the designs! Tell us a little more about what you do, a bit about how this is relevant in the world today and what drives you to create such quality content!

I’m a podcaster! I started the Looking Sideways Action Sports podcast in spring 2017. I’d wondered for ages why nobody else had done a decent one, so decided to give it a crack myself. Amazingly, people seemed to really like it, and I’m now on episode 050 with an audience in the hundreds of thousands around the world, and guests such as Mick Fanning, Travis Rice, Hanli Prinsloo and Layne Beachley under my belt.

That’s quite an achievement! Why did you decide to branch out into a store?

I’ve financed the whole podcast myself from the start and was looking for ways of bringing in some revenue. I started to talk about it on the podcast, then put some roughs up on Instagram and got a great response. So I went for it, and it’s going amazingly well.

Going a bit more technical, what is your plan for marketing, any specific strategies or tactics you’re trying?

On the podcast, I ask everyone who buys one to send me a pic or tag me on social media and that’s great. I constantly use those on the store, and it’s made some funny threads on social. I also give my guests t-shirts and ask them to share them through their channels, which has obviously been really effective too.

Sounds like you got an ace community behind you Matt! Can you tell us something you’re excited about with this project?

Getting great feedback from everybody, which is simply awesome. When it comes to the actual podcast, just how much the listeners love the interviews. I didn’t expect the reaction tbh, so that has been properly ace.

The best thing about doing this podcast has been the response of the audience and how much they get out of it, and Teemill has helped with that – the products are great, the price point bang on, and the site is really easy to navigate.

Matt shown here being a part of the action in the high tides

What’s the ambition with both your store and podcast, where do you hope it goes?

I hope it continues to grow with the podcast. I am so stoked with how many people are representing by buying from my store, and as the podcast grows I’m really looking forward to seeing the store grow in tandem with that.

How did you approach this project in terms of your values, what do you want to get out of the experience and what are you looking to achieve?

Ambitions? Like I said I just put out episode 050, so the next milestone is episode 100. I’ll take it from there!

There’s not much substance to so much action sports culture, which I always found odd considering it’s full of the most fascinating and inspirational characters. So I began the podcast to tell those stories, and I’m going to keep on doing so.

From the start, I wanted to find the best stories in action sports and tell them at my own pace and in my own forum. I’ve been careful to make sure everything about Looking Sideways reflects the stories I want to see told in our culture, and I had a feeling other people would want to see the same.

Matt shown in between one of his podcasts

Which killer products are you most excited about and why?

Well, I launched the crews and hoodies at the beginning of the biggest heatwave in 40 years, which was obviously a bit of a schoolboy error. So looking forward to seeing how they go once the mercury drops.

I think the heat took us all by surprise! What advice would you give someone in a similar position trying to branch out and get a community to support them, how do they get started?

World’s biggest cliche alert but – do it because you love it. Don’t worry about listeners/numbers/Likes/sales or any of the head-wrecking indicators of ‘value’ we have these days because they don’t count for anything.

It’s such a cliche but do the best work you can, be honest about how you communicate it and if it’s any good then people will find it.

We hope you’ve had as much fun as we did talking to you about your awesome products. We look forward to hearing number 100 in the podcast series and remember to take it easy on the hoodies! Stay rad Matt!

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