Yellow Matilda’s journey

Adam and his partner have turned the idea of a desk job into a fun brand always on the go. Using a yellow van named Matilda as their company as well as the brand. They can go where ever they want with nothing holding them back. They are a strong brand setting the standard for the future of clothing. So strap in as we speak to Adam about the adventure of a lifetime.

It’s great to have you here with us Adam and we can’t wait to hear about one of the hottest stores out there at the moment. Tell us a little more about what you guys do, a bit about how this is relevant in the world today and what drives you on your incredible experience? 

We are a Nomadic Design Studio living and working from our VW van called Matilda. Wifi is allowing us to combine travel and work so that each day the view changes. Our work is a combination of graphic design, branding, photography, and writing mainly for small companies and individuals. We’ve downsized considerably to fit in Matilda and now try to make more deliberate choices when it comes to consuming.

Travel is part of our way of life and we see every day how over consuming damages the planet. When we discovered Rapanui Clothing it was great to find a company whose values were aligned with our own, so we were really excited to also have the opportunity to create our own clothing line through Teemill.

No more excited then we were! That’s crazy that you have combined both travel and sick designs together. Why did that lead to you guys creating a store? 

Initially, we wanted a store to brand ourselves, by creating our own uniform we also reduce our daily decisions on what to wear. However, it has expanded and we decided that the designs should showcase our values and aspirations. We realize that this also aligns with lots of others especially within the van life community and decided that we needed to do more to contribute, so now all profits from our ‘Do more good’ range will go to a charity. At the end of the year, we will pick a charity which echoes a change we would like to see in the future and proceeds will go to them.

That’s ace. Going technical, what is your plan for marketing, any specific strategies or tactics you’re taking along with you?

Our plan has been a little relaxed so far but we aim to push via social media. Instagram is our main outlet so we hope to feature more designs in our photography. We are lovers of Tiny-houses and recently have started surfing so this may influence our future designs.

A model standig in a field wearing one of Yellow Matilda's many designs.

Teemill are huge fans of surfing, so we think you’re on to something there! Can you tell us something you’re excited about with future projects in the works?

We are excited to contribute to a worthwhile cause through our designs. We hope that by doing so, we will generate a higher reaction out of our audience.

How did you approach this project in terms of your values, what did you want to get out of it and what are you looking to achieve?

We wanted to work with an ethical company that produces an amazing product. That was very important to us. We wanted to inspire others to live simply and that is shown within our designs.

A simple design is an effective way of pulling in the majority. What advice would you give someone in a similar position, how do they get started?

The Teemill site is easy to use, offers great infrastructure and incredible products. Not only is it easy but it also deals with all the big bits of designing, while still allowing total control of the designer to get their design on a product and out there to the customers in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get going!

Again, we really like the idea of both traveling and designing going hand in hand and to see it moving so naturally with you guys is rad! We can’t wait to catch up again in the future and see more colossal feats beaten by you guys! Keep the trademark designs coming and stay cool! 

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