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Frequently Asked Questions
What brand of t-shirts do you print on?

Teemill uses our own brand of blank products made from certified organic cotton in an ethically accredited, renewable energy powered factory. The neck labels are unbranded so your products look professional and blend seamlessly with your brand - so you don’t have to wait or pay for relabelling. We stock over 100,000 t-shirts on any given day for incredible in stock availability.

Can I get a sample?

Yes of course. Navigate to "samples" in the main menu to find out how to order a sample product with a discount. If it’s a one off to try a new design or two, you can design and order through the sample studio. Alternatively use the sample code to order at a discounted rate through your store to get the full customer experience. Please note, discounts will reduce or eliminate your profit on the item and customised, discounted samples are non-refundable.

Can I have my own neck labels?

If you’re a startup brand, you’re probably looking for relabelling to ensure your products look totally authentic. Listen, at Teemill we totally get that! Relabelling means tearing or unpicking a seam and sewing something else in, for every product. It also means sourcing your own labels,because you can’t have someone else’s logo in your brand’s neckline. But what if we just took the logo out? Teemill products have a specially designed plain size / neck label - this saves you massive amounts of time, cost and hassle - and relabelling can be messy too: If noticed by the customer, knowingly mucking around with labels can harm your image more than a simple size label. The fact is that customers buy tees because the design and the marketing is rad, not because of a neck tag. Keep it simple with unbranded neck labels and spend your time and money on what matters.

Do you offer integration with online stores such as Etsy, Ebay, Shopify etc?

We don’t currently offer any integrations with third party platforms.

Does it matter if my artwork is CMYK or RGB?

It does not matter, either way we must convert your file into a print file when we process it - a lot of converting and processing goes on, which we won't detail as it's super complicated. It allows us to take any image and make it printable, but also is one of the reasons - as well as one of the facts of life in digital t-shirt printing - that we can't 100% match pantone colours. If colour matching matters to you, sRGB PNG24 files are what we use in house to upload, so save in RGB. Printing on white tees result in the greatest vibrancy and the closest colour matching qualities.

What if a customer tweets or emails me about an order, return, exchange or complaint?

If you take enough orders, from time to time one might go missing in the post, or be the wrong size. No worries - just fire it over to us via email to or copy us in to the tweet, @teemillstore - we'll take care of it the same day. 

What is the print area?

For our adult tees, tops and sweats, the print area is a large and roomy A3 (That's about twice as big as an A4 sheet of paper). To get the most out of your design, our handy templates are free to use and can be found in the Teemill studio. If you want to max out the design area, take your design to the edge of the template before saving up, and use the "fill area" button in the design tool. Printing prices are standardised no matter what the size or how many colours you use, so feel free to go big!

I want to do prints on the back, sleeves, neck, inside and outside.

Our data from hundreds of thousands of t-shirt sales shows that a quality print applied the simple way, on the front chest, is by the far the most successful way to sell t-shirts online. As such, Teemill comes with that option as standard. If you really really need it, back prints are available with Teemill Pro, but this application creates increased cost and will be harder for you to photograph and merchandise, you can do it in Teemill, but you really don’t need to. We do not print on the sleeves or inside of clothing.

Can I embed my store in another website using an iframe?

No, this is not currently possible.We take every effort to ensure that your customer's data is safe and secure by following modern and extensive eCommerce security principals, but an embedded web page can only ever be as secure as the page it is embedded within. When you embed a Teemill store into your own website via iframe there is no way for us to guarantee that your site meets the same security standards as Teemill, and it is essential that we maintain the highest data security standards on behalf of your customer. As a result, we prevent iframes from loading Teemill stores.

What is Teemill Pro?

Everything you need to successfully sell t-shirts online is available with a standard Teemill plan. You can build and customise an online store, add designs, start selling while we print and ship in real time. The essential features are free and always will be.

Teemill Pro gives you the tools to take your store to the next level of professionalism with upgraded features, more products and allowing you to create a more complete brand experience. There is a small subscription fee to access these features, which pays for their development. To view all the features that Pro offers see Teemill Plans.


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