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Teemill is a platform that lets you build your own online store and sell t-shirt designs online

When you get a sale we print and ship direct to customer and send you the profit. It's free

Finally, it's been done right.

Build your own store with our incredible technology.

When you get orders, our factory automatically prints and ships to your customer, as if it came from you.

Teemill is the future that finally makes it easy to sell t-shirts online.

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Easy and fast tech to build a truly custom store for your brand. Works seamlessly on all devices.

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Modern, bang on trend shapes with your designs printed beautifully in full colour. 100% certified organic.

Teemill works seamlessly on all devices
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How Teemill Works

Build a store, design your products, start selling.

We built a brand once. It sounded easy, but the amount of work needed to build the supply chain and store and ship the stuff ... well, we underestimated it. Then again, we wanted very high quality at a minimum, and our motivation was to make clothing as sustainable as possible. We realised later on that the key things are not really operations stuff. You need to spend as much time as possible creating great designs and doing loads of marketing. Fast forward a decade and our supply chain and UK factory was are built on the success from our Award-Winning brand, Rapanui. On reflection, it was too hard. So Teemill is based on a really simple idea:

It took us 10 years to build a brand. With Teemill it takes 10 minutes.

With Teemill you can build your own custom online store, design products and start selling. The tech is amazing: You can literally do a photoshoot in one click without leaving your desk. And when your products sell, our factory in the UK automatically prints and ships your product to your customer, as if it was from you. If you like you can even have your own packaging with a personal, hand-written note included. Teemill also connects up to the web's greatest apps. And we're improving it all the time. The best thing about Teemill? It's free

how teemill works


Shared access to a better supply chain.


Teemill products are printed in the UK using low waste printing technology that we develop ourselves. Products are made from certified organic cotton in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory. As a company, our Global Organic Textile Standard certification means that we've been audited for a wide range of sustainability and social criteria, ensuring fair pay and working conditions in our supply chain.

Our mission is to make clothing more sustainable.

We realised that we could accelerate the change we want to see by sharing the work we've done so far. That's the purpose of Teemill, to let startups skip ahead and get a better supply chain than if they tried alone. As we are constantly improving our supply chain, the benefits of these changes are shared by all of our users. That makes it more economical to invest in improving our supply chain, a virtuous circle that makes Teemill feel fast - new features and new products are constantly being developed.

Build a brand on Teemill

Amazing Print Quality + Plain Labels


Your Teemill store is packed with features and integrates with the web's best apps



Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools around, and now you can connect your Teemill customer order data and newsletter signups to your Mailchimp mailing lists. Note, due to privacy preferences you will only see customers who have opted-in in your mailing list.



Add your latest Instagram posts to your Teemill homepage and pods and when you post, your store will automatically update to show the latest picture too. You can use this feature to freshen up your site's content automatically without having to login to Teemill and do work. Updates every 24 hours.

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

With custom branded packaging, plus a special packing slip with your logo it'll look like your order was shipped direct from you. Make this happen with the Custom Packaging tool.

Facebook Tracking Pixel

Facebook Tracking Pixel

Connect your Facebook Ads account to your Teemill store with the tracking pixel. You can track conversions and build custom audiences, as well as gathering data to build lookalike datasets, unlocking the massive growth power of targeted advertising to make even more profit with your Teemill store.

Hand Written Note

Hand Written Note

Every time we ship a product, we hand write a thank you on the order. Now you can customise the content and say thanks in your own way. Please make sure your note is concise, does not include ads, URLs, spam or profanity. Just a simple, genuine thank you. Example: "Thanks for supporting our company/charity/brand, it means a lot!"



Currency app lets Teemill store owners display pricing in international currencies including Dollar and Euro. Enable currency conversion and set your preferred store currency. Display prices are calculated from Teemill GBP costings via the European Central Bank (ECB) exchange rate, which means display prices will occasionally change.

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